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The patrimony of companies, families and individuals consist of different goods with different specificities. Real estates, the companies themselves, funds, bonds and liquidity, among others, which must be managed within a perspective of "portfolio", in order to be in continuous valuation, compatible with the risk profile of their owners.

The asset management organized and conducted by SoliConsulting promotes the continuous enhancement and the increasing of the wealth of the owners, through integrals actions, with multiple perspectives, supported by streamlined and objective reports that give the customer a real vision of their capabilities and of the results achieved.

SoliConsulting , in this sense, offers the best advice on real estate, performing assessments and promoting the purchase and sale or lease or rent of properties, and the development of real estate projects and construction of facilities and buildings.

Besides this, the team of professionals of SoliConsulting offers to its clients the opportunity of to learn techniques for managing assets, so didactically and dynamic, respecting each person, so that the owners have complete control of their wealth and of their results.

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