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The personalized service of the owners of companies, of the members of their families (especially sons, daughters and wife) or of executives has been the strong of SoliConsulting , providing both the personal and corporate solutions, normally in an integrated manner. Acting in programs of the short and long term, the individuals and families, clients of SoliConsulting , in different places, has their children ready to succeed them, with great success when - on the recommendation and with the support of SoliConsulting - they are trained, often in parallel to the university, receiving additional information from the practical world, in economics/economy and business management, as well as private lessons with emphasis on finance and special training for going into the organizations.

The services of "ombudsman" and "counseling" (which include the contemporary genre "coaching") are available for anyone wanting a personal support for their actions, both in the individual and in the company dimensions, in the short and long term.

Private lessons, individualized, are offered to special clients who seek a solid education in business, economics, accountancy and law.

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