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Consulting for Public Administration and Government

  Consulting for Public Administration and Government
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Consulting for Public Administration and Government

The segment of services to governments of SoliConsulting has teams of professionals specialized in public management, with practical experience and solid academic background, with levels of masters and PhD. The teams are able to provide solutions in the rganizational fields, tax and tributes, in public policy, public finance, in government programs and improvement of management effectiveness, which has been offered to governments of different instances, federal, state and provincial and municipal or districtal. Countries of Africa, America, Asia and Europe have contracted the services of SoliConsulting to guide the chiefs of Executive (presidents, ministers, secretaries) in specific solutions, such as national accounts, financial management and privatization, inflation, and wage indexation, among others. A segment of services with much success has been the political negotiation between political groups, in some cases negotiating the transition to democratic regimes. In addition, SoliConsulting provides training for public agents and the establishment of action strategies, management improvements, solutions in finance and communication. As a consequence of this strong interaction with governments, SoliConsulting has also offered, with success, services for people, politicians and candidates in their campaigns for election and reelection and maintenance of mandates. 

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