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Performance Auditing

Performance Auditing

The Performance Auditing is a line of service often requested by customers in which the auditor teams of SoliConsulting assess the "effectiveness" of the company, through the analysis of some indicators of "efficiency" and "effectiveness". Some of the services performed are:

Evaluation of the Cost Structure and Costing Systems: analyzes are carried out on the effectiveness of the costing systems used and studies on the composition of the company's costs, in its different production lines, by making recommendations that enable greater efficiency. Are considered accounting and financial, tax, legal, technological, personnel management and specificities typical of the business.

Evaluation of Management Instruments: are examined the instruments and the management tools used in the organization, verifying the adequacy and effectiveness of the technology, attesting its validity or recommending improvements or implementation of innovations. The analyzes are made taking as reference the performance to customers, as well as the economic and financial performance of the enterprise.

Strategic Assessment: The auditor teams of SoliConsulting perform analyzes contrasting the short-term project with prospects planned for the long term, assessing their suitability. So, recommendations are placed for adjustments and suggested tools for the proper performance of the business strategy. It is considered the adequacy of the company to its mission and vision of business, if its decisions are previously evaluated in long-term perspective, as well as specific aspects of the internal (resources based view) and external environments (environmental forces), proposing the use of performance indicators.

Evaluation of Risks Incurred: SoliConsulting identifies and analyzes market and operational risks, identifying instruments and tools for its control and reduction. Are considered in the analysis tools already used by the company, the operational flow of information and technological standards employed.

Analysis of Results and Profitability: employing the concept of "valuation" by different methods, SoliConsulting examines historically the firm's market performance and analyzes its current and future performance in relation to pricing, products, results and profitability - with reference to structure of customer, operational performance and cost, the technology and the competitive model in which the organization operates. This is a rigorous economic feasibility study that allows to scale operational actions (and in the long-term), which can be audited continuously by the teams of SoliConsulting.

Pricing: SoliConsulting, based on the cost structure and market information, analyzes the pricing of different lines of products and services, assessing their suitability and proposing improvements. Companies have costs and prices as a reference standard, but the actual price charged may be significantly different. Prices include the concept of profitability and also the participation of the company in intercapitalist competition (company's participation in the division results in its segment), being necessary to study not only the market share in products, but the market share in wealth. 

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