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Management Auditing

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Management Auditing

SoliConsulting, usually contracted by the council, by the owners or chief executives, performs Management Auditing with its team of auditors, doing regular and systematic follow-ups to confirm procedures in the corporate and business environment, confirming their validity for the contractor. This type of audit is carried out with weekly, biweekly or monthly visits, according to the volume of activity and the industry, with the checks being carried out for reasons of control or to confirm the company's commitment with statutory requirements and are applied in a planned way, using random methods. The main lines of Management Auditing are:

  • Audit of Financial Statements and Financial
  • Tax Auditing (checking compliance with legal and accessory obligations)
  • Operational Auditing (stating that the planned procedures are correct)
  • Financial Auditing (examining the procedures and financial performance of the organization)
  • Human Resources Auditing (checking and monitoring the structure of payroll - identifying gaps and irregular procedures – as well as their suitability to the market salary, occupational and regional)
  • Auditing for special purposes (divisions, mergers, acquisiton, capital increases)
  • Labor Auditing (verification of compliance with legal and tax procedures)
  • Auditing of Process and Internal Controls
  • Auditing of Production Activities (including supplies and warehouses)

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