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Evaluating People

  Asset Valuation
Evaluation People

Management Auditing

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Asset Valuation

SoliConsulting is specialized in asset valuation, including intangible, such as capillarity, customer base, intellectual capital, cross-selling, human capital, rights, systems, processes, brands, product lines, and of corporate as a whole, using econometric, statistical, financial and accounting models, which allow to follow the evolution of the wealth over time, an important measure of performance in real or nominal values. 

Evaluating People

In addition to implementing programs to assess people and human resources for its customers in its activities of consulting, SoliConsulting offers special programs, tailor made, for evaluation of individuals, teams and groups of employees, serving customers' specific needs, such as incentive programs and development of personnel, which, combined with other analysis tools, provides a qualitative view of human resources. 

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