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The Auditing services of SoliConsulting aim to confirm the certainty of procedures in the corporate and business environment, stating its regularity to the contractor. SoliConsulting customers, usually the board, the owners or the chief executives, contract the services of regular and systematic monitoring by the SoliConsulting 's auditor teams, with weekly, biweekly or monthly visits, to monitor the procedures around cash and banks, the use of financial resources (expenditures, loans, investments), accounting procedures, tax and labor or specific operations of certain sectors or areas of the company or business unit. Checks are made for reasons of control or to confirm the company's commitment with statutory requirements and are implemented in a planned way, using random methods.

The auditor teams of SoliConsulting send detailed, objective, clear and supervised reports to the contractor, serving as certification and to improve the controls and to build better basis for the process of managerial decision making.

SoliConsulting performs audit services, among others, in the following specialties:

  • Performance Auditing and Management Auditing
  • Technology and Information Systems Auditing
  • People Assessment and Valuation of Assets and Equity

SoliConsulting 's customers are of various sizes, from all sectors of activity, including public companies, private corporations and non-profit organization. 

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